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Diesel and gas Generating sets,
                  Gas Turbines, hydroelectric, wind turbines, biomass
                  gasification, biofuels, Biodiesel Fuel , Wind and
                  hydroelectric turbines                  

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Technology for distributed production of fossile/renewable Energy & affordable Minigrids      

Diesel & Gas Generating sets   

   **  ¡NEW! Heavy Duty JICHAI CHP GAS gensets 2 Mw, 1000rpm engine, 9000 kJ/kwh

    **  BI-FUEL kit! reduces the energy cost by burning up to 80% natural gas in any diesel 
         generating set. No modifications. For turning stand by gensets in a peak shaving ones!
    **  Use your car as a home stand by genset by connecting a Power Inverter, ask here!

    **  Surplus Unused or Rebuilt diesel & gas big gensets with immediate delivery

Gas Turbines

      **  Immediately available  brand new, unused and rebuilt gas turbines           
          - Offer today: UNUSED units SIEMENS SGT400/60hz, YOM2022 - Ask here!

    ** !Updated! Our $/Mwh COST calculator includes the EIA's EPC and O&M costs
report, for ALL the present  power generation technologies - ¡Order your copy here!

   Renewable energy, Biodiesel fuel & Recycling options 

    SAVOIA BD JET: for producing YOUR own quality BIODIESEL fuel at low cost,
with high temperature pressurized reaction. Feedstock is any crude NOT
       degummed, refined, used vegetable oil (UCO),
or liquid tallow

    **¿How to size a renewable energy system for home or factory? Use our calculator!

PV + solar water

  dot  Parabollic Solar devices for cooking & water heating

  dot ¡NEW! PVT combined  panels + water heater inside

     * 430Wp and 610Wp, P-Si and M-Si, +20% efficiency panels


       Hydroelectric turbines

                            floating hydroturbines, kaplan, francis,
                            pelton Submerged kinetic hydroturbines powered by the water  speed in channels and no head sites

- From 0.6 to 8 kw power, with PSW power inverter

 - Several SFH hydroturbines can be placed in parallel, floating under pontoons or fixed to a cross bridge or a beam 

    **Affordable standard AC 50/60hz
microhydroturbines up to 50kw each
         >>  FREE! Download table Head-Flow-Power up to 180Mw


  **  Biomass gasification CHP plants in container up to 1 Mw.  

   **  Briquetting screw machines turn waste biomass (sawdust, rice husks, chips), into 
       hexagonal briquettes (4800 kCal/kg).  Able to make charcoal bars with 6500  kCal/kg  
      -- We also sell the technology to make activated carbon  from these hard briquettes
   ** Affordable Pelletizers by flat die & rollers, processing up to 3000 kg/h of sawdust

   ** Home biomass gasifiers for cooking, heating, energy. Production: 10/20/30 m3/h
¡NEW!  Municipal Solid Waste to Diesel
  dot  Small affordable plants for turning garbage & waste in valuable Gasoline or Diesel
   ** Closed loop process from
NOT sorted MSW, with syngas production and derived fuels
   ** PV generating KIT produces 2 to 20 kwh/day energy (PV panels + MPPT + inverter)
Iron-Flow type long term battery for
                      wind & PV power generation storage and
  ** NEW!!  Iron-Flow type batteries,
for energy long storage, 20,000
cycles,  25 years life, ultrasafe, 3 phase
      inverter included
       * Packages in container:  
         - Energywarehouse 50/90 Kwp, 4 h storage
         - Energycenter from 3 Mwp , 6-16h storage 
       * Long Duration Energy Storage advantage

  Wind turbines

  **  Wind turbine generators,  HAWT and VAWT type, from 0.2 to  200  kw , and hybrid
       diesel-wind systems with NO batteries

Biodiesel Technology & processors

Gas Turbines

Diesel & Gas Gensets

Hydro, PV & Wind

wind turbines, hydroelectric, solar PV
                            + diesel hybrid renewable systems, biomass

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Voltage Regulators (AVR), Digital Genset Controls

Technical Reports about: Biodiesel cost, Mwh & EPC cost, PV & battery sizing

CAREM: Small Nuclear Reactor from Argentina

   (the first SMR)

CHP Systems fueled by gas or Biomass

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Supply copper foil tape with 38mm core,3mm width,die-cutted copper foil tape
JICHAI generating sets  CNPC - JICHAI
HD Diesel & Gas engines for marine use and gensets

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          Ing. Barragan, Bogota, Colombia (Biodiesel, hydro, gensets, BiFuel)

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