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Diesel and gas Generating sets, Gas Turbines,
                biofuels Biodiesel Fuel , Wind and hydroelectric

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    Technology for distributed production of Energy & Minigrids

   SAVOIA BD JET: innovative "know how" for making  BIODIESEL fuel at low cost      

   Renewable systems & Recycling 

    **  How to size a renewable energy system for your home or factory? Use our calculator!
Recycling waste plastic and tires by pyrolysis, to
get HFO fuel


                              floating hydroturbines Submerged kinetic hydroturbines powered by the water speed in          channels and no head stream sites - From 0.2 to 8 kw.

      * Several SFH hydroturbines can be placed in parallel, floating           under pontoons or fixed to a cross bridge or a beam

**  Affordable AC 50/60hz microhydroturbines. Ask for the School
     Hydro Kit here!


   **  NEW!! Biomass gasification CHP plants in container up to 1 Mw.

    **  Biomass syngas BI-FUEL burners reduce "dino"
fuel cost and pollution in boilers

    **  Briquetting by screw machines turn waste biomass (sawdust, rice husks, chips, etc)

       into hard briquettes, able to make charcoal bars of 6500 kCal/kg and activated carbon  

       **  Pelletizers by flat die & rollers, processing up to 1000 kg/h of sawdust   


   ** PV generating KIT produces 2 to 20 kwh/day energy (PV panels + MPPT + inverter)
Flow type Iron-Iron long term
   ** NEW!! Flow-type Iron-Iron batteries  packaged for 4 h
       energy storage
, 20,000 operation cycles, 25 years life,
       ultrasafe, inverter 50 or 60hz included


  **  Wind turbine generators HAWT and VAWT type, from 0.2 to
      200 kw
, hybrid diesel-wind systems

   Energy from Waste

   Waste-to-Energy plants disposing NOT CLASSIFIED Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

        Recycling waste plastic and tires by pyrolysis, to get HFO fuel   

  Diesel & Gas Generating sets

       **  Heavy Duty JICHAI CHP gas (coal mine, NG, BG) gensets up to 4 Mw        

    **  BI-FUEL kit! reduces the energy cost by burning up to 80% natural gas in any diesel 
         generating set. Useful for turning std by gensets in peak shaving ones!

   Rebuilt and unused HFO, LO, diesel & gas gensets with immediate delivery

Gas Turbines

      **  Immediately available  unused and rebuilt gas turbines
    **  NEW!! REBUILT Gas Turbines LM6000 SPRINT 50/60hz, with full warranty            

Biodiesel processors

Gas Turbines

Diesel & Gas Gensets

Hydro, PV & Wind

wind, hydro,
                    solar + diesel hybrid renewable systems

Transfer Switches, Voltage Regulators, Genset Controls

Useful Technical Reports

CAREM Nuclear Reactor from Argentina

CHP Systems

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TEC CHILE SA. Santiago de Chile (turbines, gensets, hydro)

UNITEK Ltda, Shanghai, RP China (gensets & LED lighting)

 Satish Lele, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India (Biodiesel processors)

             Ing. Barragan, Bogota, Colombia (Biodiesel, hydro, gensets, BiFuel)

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