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                generators SAVOIA technology to make your own biodiesel

  Biodiesel: renewable fuel produced at low cost from any vegetable oil

dot SAVOIA BD JET: proven batch reaction in high temperature , reaches 98-99% of conversion in a single step 

  •  Study the BD2 & BD4 stainless steel, industrial grade processors here

  • IMPROVED! manufacturing BIOMETHANOL & distilled Glycols from crude glycerol + water here

  •  Burners of Crude glycerin up to 500,000 kCal/h each, meet EURO III std. Details here

  •   Fast & accurate Industrial Quality Control of the produced Biodiesel here

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Biodiesel's fuel features

 Power: one of the major advantages is the fact that it can be used in existing engines and fuel injection equipment (no modification required) without negative impact to operating performance.

 Fuel availability/economy: virtually the same MPG rating as petrodiesel and the only alternative fuel for heavyweight vehicles requiring no special dispensing and storage equipment. And today it is cheaper than the "dinofuel".

 Production/Refining: can be done at home (with wasted veggie oil, UCO) and farms (with virgin oils from seeds), being the only alternative fuel that can boast of a zero total emissions production facility. By selling the simultaneously produced glycerol, the cost of BIODIESEL is basically the same cost of the oil used to make it.

 Storage: readily blends and stays blended with petrodiesel so it can be stored and dispensed wherever diesel is stored or sold.

 Combustibility/Safety: biodiesel has a very high flash point (300°F) making it one of the safest of all alternative fuels.

 Lubricity: biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that can actually extend engine life because of its superior lubricating and cleaning properties. The present "low sulfur" diesel fuel is badly wearing the injection pumps of not protected diesel engines. (You should add biodiesel to the present commercial "dinofuel")

 Environmental Impact: the only renewable alternative diesel fuel that actually reduces a major greenhouse gas components in the atmosphere .  The use of biodiesel will also reduce the following emissions:

  • carbon monoxide

  • ozone-forming-hydrocarbons

  • hazardous diesel particulate

  • acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide

  • lifecycle carbon dioxide

 *  For related news, also visit>> www.alternative-energy-news.info

What is "Biodiesel"

Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel applicable in any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used. No modifications on engine are needed.

 Even though "diesel" is part of its name, there are no petroleum or other fossil fuels in biodiesel. Biodiesel is 100% vegetable oil based. From new or used cooking oil too. By recycling WVO, we prevent pollution of city water.

 This environment-friendly fuel reduces tailpipe emissions, visible smoke and noxious odors. Can also be used in a blends with conventional diesel while still achieving substantial reductions in emissions.

 ** Technically, biodiesel is Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME). It is formed by replacing with lighter methanol the glycerol from each triglyceride molecule of veggie oil. Once the glycerol is removed from the oil, the remaining molecules are, to a diesel engine, similar to petroleum diesel fuel.

  But there are some notable differences. The biodiesel molecules are very simple hydrocarbon chains, containing no sulfur, ring molecules, nor aromatics associated with fossil fuels. 

  Biodiesel is made up of almost 10% oxygen, making it a naturally  "oxygenated" fuel.

dotRead the latest news about biodiesel here!

dotRead the list of engines approved to use B100

dotDownload here a summary of the classic book written by the
pioneer Joshua Tickell:  "From the fryer to the fuel tank"

dotBiodiesel Economics: we offer a complete report with a
   spreadsheet  to calculate costs & profits of this business from
   crushing the oil seeds up to the
methylester output
   - Including the oleochemical products  based in methylesters and
     glycerols (solvents, herbicide, coadjuvants, methanol).

  Note: if growing soyabean, the oil produced by one hectare is  enough  to fuel the annual cultivation of 10 hectares

    *Order the BD REPORT  here!

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dot The SAVOIA BD JET technology is intended for distributed production of biodiesel fuel

dot   Multifeedstock technology, it  accepts: crude (not degummed) vegetable oil, used cooking oil (UCO), and  liquid
      tallow or yellow grease

 ** Since the 2003 year, our innovative process is used for Small Business, On-farming biodiesel production
     and  Home Brewing
. The machinery is working in The Netherlands, UK, USA, Korea, Chile, Belgium,
     Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal,
     South Africa, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
 ** Pictures of the first 6000 T/year (1.5 MM Gal/year) biodiesel automated plant, built in Spain along
 2004, here!

** Reference list here!

Industrial grade, easy-to-use machinery for making BIODIESEL

at low cost

dot Get the best base reaction yield (98-99%) with our pressurized high
. It can process crude oilssaves methanol,
   catalyst and reaction time (reducing  thus the total reaction cost) 

dot In one single step, will process any veggie oil or liquid yellow grease
   with up to 6%  FFA's. The full separation biodiesel-glycerol is by hot
   gravity settling.

dot Washing this biodiesel made from virgin oils with solid lye, is not
. ¡None pollution is produced!

  ** The smallest & lightweight  M4 module produces and gravity settles 2 x
(2 x 50 gal) of biodiesel fuel per day. Manual dosing & operation.
   - The M4 module SCOPE INCLUDES:   
  • BD JET Manual for installation, dosing & operation. It is the know-how of our technology.
  • 1 (one) BD2-D, vacuum flash dryer to full dehydrate 100-200 L/h oil
  • 1 (one) BD2 pressurized processor, performing the 240 liter batch reaction
  • 1 (one) SAT-1, oil less, air compressor for safe handling of the hot liquids
  **  Designed for DIY installation in a full ventilated rooms, all the biodiesel
      processors are stainless steel made (mandatory with palm oil), have
      on-line supermixer, anti-vortex devices inside, double pump feeding, belt
      type electric pipe heaters (not submerged in liquid), none electronics, and
      3 mechanical safety devices

  **  the optional BD2F vessel is a 0.5 micron filter for separating the sterol-
       glucosides particles, delivering so the best bio diesel for low temperature
       use in COLD CLIMATES.

  ** this biodiesel can meet ASTM or EN standards (depending on the
      feedstock used)

Biodiesel M4 SAVOIA SS module, USD

                    processor for manually biodiesel making

   dot Main Features:

- Stainless Steel bodies and pipes, accept palm oil to be processed

 - Can process any edible or not edible crude, NOT degummed virgin vegetable oil
  - Innovative super-mixing technology, by pump + opposite helicals + heating coil + buffer with anti-vortex
    mechanical device

  - Manually operated by one single non-skilled people, as none electronics is included

Reduced energy consumption: 60 Wh/liter, including the veggie oil dewatering

  - Liquid lye (50% purity) can be used as catalizer (inexpensive sawdust dry "washing" may be used in
    this case. Please consult us about)

  - Average cost of the hot reaction is 0.19-0.20 USD/L, with bulk methanol priced 400 USD/T

  - No maintenance needed. It exists two mobile parts only. None electronics included.

  *** Biodiesel Quality control trough Viscosity & Specific Gravity (JAOCS,Vol72-11, 1995) ->  FREE download here!   

    Easy and fast biodiesel quality control by two
        physical p
arameters and 2 tests:
       * Specific Gravity at 20°C < 0.895 g/cm3
       * Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C < 5.5 cSt
       * PH > 7 measurement, and the "27/3" quick test

  *** We can also supply a handheld REFRACTOMETER to re-check mono and diglycerides content

dot Expandable from 400 to 5000 L/day (1250 gal/day), with hot gravity settling:
     With liquid lye, each module can perform up to 15 reactions in 24h. Then, by sending each mixture to external
     settling tanks (BD4-E type). the reaction processor becomes free to handle successive hot reactions. This way,
     one M50 module may settle, along the 24h, up to 5,000 liters/day(1250 gal/day) of high quality biodiesel

   SAVOIA M40 module makes 4000 L/day of
                        biodiesel fuel
     ** NOTE: the 8-9h gravity settling time into the ISOLATED decanters defines the daily production. Each batch reaction, from the oil drying up to the reaction end, takes 60-90 minutes only.

   - Ask details and prices 

dot Available today: bigger M16/24/32/40/50 modules with the updated BD4 reactor
  • with only one 480 L/batch BD4 type processor, the M8 module + several BD4-E settling tanks, can produce up to 5000 L of biodiesel in 24h (over 1,800 T/year)
  • manpower: two not skilled people per shift
  • Modular arrangement: several M50 units can be placed in parallel to increase the production. Any of them can simultaneously process a different feedstock each to make the same high quality biodiesel
  • our supply starts by sending the BD JET Manual, detailing the reaction technology and easy DIY installation
  • to make quality control, the scope includes glass instrumeters for Specific Gravity & Viscosity measurement.
  • also available: Handheld Refractometer to check mono and diglycerides content
  • as optional, may include the new BD2-F device, for 0.5 micron centrifugal filtering. It will remove any
       sterol glucosyde particle from the biodiesel (ideal for cold climate use). Ask details of the BD2-F here
  **  Ask prices of the M4 to M50 modules here!.
  **  See here pictures of the M40 module sold to the Trinidad island

                                                        ** Download video of a M8 module (2007) here!

dotNEW!! for installation in reduced spaces, with FORCED SEPARATION of the mixture

                      FOR BIODIESEL

     ***  M16-C module with a centrifugal separator can produce up to

          6000 L/day

        ---- Scope included:

       - One  BD4-D vacuum dryer for boiling any moisture at low temp      

      - One BD4 reactor performs the high temperature reaction (80-85°C)

       - One BD4-E buffer isolated tank for each mixture biodiesel+glycerol

       - One Rebuilt Disk centrifuge to fast separate 500 L/h of hot mixture flow

Ask Details & Price here

dot dot Your own Biodiesel at the lowest cost with an integrated plant

      from seeds

 Dried oil seeds: ->> press crushing->> crude oil->>M50 module->> ---->> biodiesel fuel ready!SAVOIA oil screw press for
  • As the biodiesel cost is mainly the oil cost, we strongly suggest to make your own cheap crude oil from seeds.
  • The oil cost ($/kg) is a result of the equation>> (CAKE sale price - SEED kg cost - crushing cost) / kg of OIL  extracted
  • See here the estimated yield of oil seeds 
  • Use our affordable and strong screw press-expanders, for crushing up to 750 kg/h of Groundnut, Soyabean, Sunflower, Castor seed,Sesame, Palm fruit, Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Linseed, Copra, etc 
  • Ask their FOB price here! (seeds screw press-expander + SP1 filtering system)

  ** See here pictures of the world's first integrated biodiesel plant in a farm of Argentina (2003 year)

dot How to add value to the Crude Glycerine
A) UPDATED!! Making biomethanol and glycols
biomethanol and glycols from the glycerol
                          by hidrogenolisys
  • The BD4-MGW innovative plant processes 4000 kg/day of glycerol + water with a patented catalyst. It includes vacuum pump, SS made 500L pressurized mixer, alcohol and glycols distillers, molecular filtering & safety devices.
  • Produces 30-33% of low cost biomethanol 98-99.5% purity, ethylene and propylene glycols, with balance of FFA's. These biomethanol and FFA's can be sold or reused in the biodiesel production to reduce its manufacturing cost.
      Ask details here!

Making industrial Glycerine and Cattle meal
  • BD2-G processor to perform an acid neutralization:
         - with strong acids, will separate FFA's, glycerine 75-80% purity,  and the salt with Na

         -  with acetic acid, 200 L/batch of a liquid mixture of glycerin + FFA's + sodium acetate for safe animal feeding.
          Ask details here!

Producing hot air, hot water or steam
  •  glycerine burners from 20,000 to 500,000 kCal/h for producing hot air, hot water or process steam     
waste glycerin
                            burner  crude
                            glycerin burner     double stages
                            glycerin burners
  • Complete packaged "ready-to-use" glycerine water and air heaters
  •  Ask data & prices here!
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