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SAVOIA BD JET process users worlwide


2002  Quest Research The Netherlands
2002 Joshua Tickell Energy USA


Sun Woo Biochem   Korea


Hernandorena Argentina(integrada)
2002 Cotswold experience UK
2003 Nelly Rodriguez Portugal
2003  2nd Street Assoc  USA
2003 Serveis Ambiental  Spain
2004 Meridiano SRL  Argentina
2004  Saul Reciclajes Paraguay (integrada)
2004 Mapu Huemu SA Argentina (integrada)
2004  Fernandez Garrido Argentina (integrada)
2004  Solfeo sa   Chile
2005  Gene Chaffin    USA
2005 Michael Malpezzi USA
2005 Municipio de Necochea Argentina
2005 Dale Nicholson USA
2005 ElectraPlazaola España
2005 Solarix Benelux
2005 Karl Mitterer Austria
2005 Apidel Ltd Canada
2005 Poliva SRL Israel
2005 Emprendimientos Panama
2005 Panama Boston Panama
2005 Shaval Trading Ltd SouthAfrica
2006 Grover McKee USA (Integrated)
2006 GSRI Corporation Malaysia
2006 Ind Agricolas Guatemala
2006 Procons SRL Argentina
2007+2009 Solfeo ltda Chile
 German Bruni
BioBrik SA
 Municipio de Chajari
 Municipio de Concepcion del Uruguay
 Biorec Reciclajes SL
CME services Ltd
 Trinidad & Tobago Island
  Corimex SA
Verdal Peru SAC
  Juan Alfaro Greciano
Costa Rica
Organix Ltd
Costa Rica

     What our clients say about:  

From: vegheat@gmail.com   To: tec@savoiapower.com

Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 5:31 PM

Subject: Re: BD-4 biodiesel Processor


Thanks for remembering my interest. I am the hired biodiesel development consultant for the processor for City Development Corp. in South Boston, Fred Gordon, etc. I have been admiring your equipment. At this stage I am advising the operators on techniques and extensions to expand the functionality of the equipment. I have seen the first batch, and it did surprisingly well considering how wet the oil used was. I have helped design low cost a drying unit to be added upstream of the BD4.

I hope I can provide some feedback after some of the setup issues are resolved and the general production is brought up to speed.

I am already sure that your unit exceeds the quality of any American made unit.

Yours truly,
Tom Leue


From: "Lic. Martín Issin" <produccion@necochea.gov.ar> Cc: "Abatec s.a." <aba@savoiapower.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 10:28 AM
Subject: RE: combustible

> Estimado Jorge, efectivamente Necochea desarrolla Biodiesel a partir de
> aceites residuales.
> Nuestro emprendimiento se basa en tecnología nacional de la firma Abatec
> S.A. de la cual certificamos el correcto funcionamiento de los equipos sin
> registrar inconvenientes tanto en el secado del aceite como en el equipo
> reactor.
> Podrás comunicarte con la firma en www.savoiapower.com para conocer detalles
> de los equipos y productos.
> Y desde ya estás invitado a conocer nuestra Planta Modelo en Necochea.
> Adelante con tus proyectos, no te arrepentirás!!
> Lic. Martín Issin
> Municipalidad de Necochea

From:  PAUL ALLARD <allardp@sbcglobal.net>
To:  Grover McKee <salemby@hotmail.com>
Subject:  RE: Canola Seed Processing and Biodiesel Plant
Date:  Mon, 15 May 2006 15:58:43 -0700 (PDT)

Grover McKee <salemby@hotmail.com> wrote:

First, we are extremely pleased with the Savoia BD system that we purchased, which consisted of a Dryer, a Reactor, and four Settling Tanks.  The workmanship in all units is very good, and we think they have outstanding value.


Unfortunately for you, we are only just now getting our system "on-line", in that we've set up our seed processing system purchased from TinyTech, and we've already pressed oil from a small batch of canola seed on a "test" basis.  Our canola crop won't be ready to harvest for about three weeks, and it'll be another couple of weeks before we get it into the bins and start making oil in earnest.
We're putting the finishing touches on the piping system for the processing line (the piping is finished for the seed processors) and we expect to bring our supply of methanol on board in about a week or so.  We are taking pictures of the whole layout pretty much as we go, and we've learned a lot in the process

Abatec (Savoia) has been very helpful in this exercise, and have been quick to clarify instructions that are, in some cases, somewhat incomplete, or are more than likely a bit garbled from translation and our failure to grasp the whole picture.  We're trying to assemble a complete operating manual for our installation, showing all valves, piping and other facets of the plan.

We have staff from Southwestern College in Winfield, KS coming in tomorrow to demonstrate titration and supply lab equipment (gratis, for our agreement to let them hold classes at our facility), and we'll have a bit more complete run-down on lab procedure and quality controll measures from that relationship, we hope.
Anyyway, we're located about 50 miles southeast of Wichita and 18 miles northeast of Winfield (pop 25,000) in the hamlet of Burden (pop 450).  We're located in an old lumberyard and hardware store facility that I bought simply because it was a lot cheaper than building new structures from scratch.
You're welcome to come out here and look around, and I'll confess that we've had an expanding stream of interested visitors that's picking up as we get ready to go full bore.  The interest varies from (a) canola production, since it's a new crop hereabouts, to (b) the oil extration, to (c) the BD processing line, to (d) the canola meal/glycerine byproducts that result from our operation.

Grover E. McKee, Owner, Salemby Farms and Salemby Resources

(620) 438-3145 (H) and 438-2222 (O)


From: Michael Malpezzi   To: Abatec s.a.

Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 8:42 PM

Subject: Re: SAVOIA project update/actualizacion de proyectos

Hi Carlos, 

Eveything works fine with your product. We are satisfied with the operation and detailed instructions. 


Mike Malpezzi


From: pvanzwol@solarix.nl   To: 'Abatec SA'
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 4:17 AM
Subject: FW: updating biodiesel work foto's

Dear Carlos,

How are you. I hope this foto’s are of your help.

We operate the units once or twice a week and have good results.

Best regards,



om: Soledad Urzúa  To: Abatec SA
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 4:48 PM
Subject: Re: fotos Bd

Si claro, te enviaré fotos
mi opinión es nota máxima, en realidad los equipos son buenos y funcionales, solamente creo conveniente agregar una tapa o algo similar que permita limpiar el reactor por dentro cuando la producciòn se transforma en jabón por descuido del operador con el agua, en el caso del lavado de los aceites.
Lo otro que para mi gusto y economía debes pensar en otras fuentes de energía como gas o luz monofásica, en Chile es cara la luz trifásica y es un tema importante en los costos, dame tú opinión al respecto.
Tús manuales muy bien.
En mi oficina he recibido muchisimas personas consultando de tús equipos e inclusive le hago una demostración, quedan fascinados, me imagino que más de alguien te los ha comprado.
bueno ya te mandaré fotos y cuando vengas a Chile no olvides venir a visitarme, te mostraré otros proyectos, como una planta de compostaje que estoy haciendo.

----- Original Message -----

From: Grover McKee   To: dominique.fellay@bluewin.ch
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 3:49 PM
Subject: RE: references on savoia power

For a plant the size you are looking at, I think a set-up similar to ours would work reasonably well.

That involves a BD2 Dryer, a BD2 Reactor and four BD Settling Vessels, which enable batches of 200 net liters per batch of biodiesel - 5 batches per day (allowing 4 batches in the Vessels and 1 batch to "cure" in the Reactor) - yielding 1000 liters per day.  This is easily achievable in a 7-hour shift, and minimizes the amount of storage other than for the biodiesel end-product and for glycerol in an amount about 20% of the biodiesel produced.

You'll need plenty of storage for feedstock and 1/4 that amount of storage for methanol (if that's the alcohol you choose).

In any event, we've achieved good results with our installation of this size, and you could increase production by extending shift hours or adding one or two more settling vessels.

Operation of the savoia equipment is straightforward, requires 3-phase electrical service, and no water intake or discharge.

I hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Grover E. McKee, Owner, Salemby Resources





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