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FOGGING to increase the GT Power

                gas turbines air
                      cooling vs temperature

Gas Turbine output is a strong function of the ambient air
temperature with power output dropping by 0.54-0.9% for every 1C                    
rise in ambient temperature (0.3-0.5 % per 1F). On several heavy
frame gas turbines, power output drops of around 20% can be
experienced when ambient temperatures reach 35C (95F), coupled
with a heat rate increase of about 5%. Aeroderivative gas turbines
exhibit even a greater sensitivity to ambient conditions.

 A representation of the power boost capability for given inlet cooling
potential for different types of gas turbines is shown in Figure 1.

This loss in output presents a significant problem to utilities,
cogenerators and independent power producers when electric
demands are high during hot summer months. In the petrochemical
and process industries, the reduction in output of mechanical drive
gas turbines often curtails plant output

We offer state-of-the-art efficient fog cooling systems for power aumengtation of gas turbines

Fogging Power increase in various gas turbines 

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