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Cogeneration with Solar GT+ HRSG  By installing an HRSG into the exhaust duct of an existing or newly built gas turbine or engine, it is possible to produce steam for heating or for the plant process. This results in a significantly improved total energy plant efficiency.
The steam produced can be used for heating, cooling (by using absorption chillers) or additional electric power (with a steam turbine in a Combined Cycle).

Then, if you get at present heat and electrical power from separate sources (eg.: your boiler and the local utility),  you will have a huge annual saving in energy bills by installing an integrated CHP (Cogeneration) system.

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We supply complete  "turn-key" systems for unmanned control of generating  machines and management of the CHP produced energy.

  Reliable Supervision and Control

Electronic relays, synchronizing modules and equipment for control, protection and monitoring of diesel and gas power electrical generators, stationary or onboard ships, and alarm systems for any process alarm application with digital and analogical inputs.

 Selco N0300-OX-00 Process-Logger for Power Stations

PC based system for power plant remote operation

INEXPENSIVE SOLUTION! - runs on a standard PC:

The Selco N0300-OX-00 Process-Logger is a software package for the IBM AT or compatible PC. or compatible PC.

The Process-Logger software transforms a standard office PC into an advanced alarm and event logger. It will support up to a total of 62 serially connected Selco  M1000 Alarm Annunciator, M2000 Engine Controller, M2100 Emergency Controller and M3000 Analog Alarm Annunciator units.

The Process-Logger includes functions for surveillance, control, and programming of each connected unit. The event log function will register all changes in LED and output status on any of the connected units. The event log function is ideal for unmanned operation because alarms and events from all units can be written simultaneously to the screen, the printer and a disk file.

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